Red Sky Gems is based out of Tucson, Arizona home to one of the biggest gem and mineral shows internationally. Tucson has a flair for gems and the grand international show only adds to this spirit.
Unearth custom cut designer cabochons of rare Agates, and unique Jaspers. Red Sky Gems is a gemstone hub for rock hounds, jewelry designers and collectors. We cater to those who understand true art, beauty and celebrate fine craftsmanship. Our cabochons are carefully cut and chosen by us. Inspired by uniqueness, infinite diversity, beauty and shapeliness. Red Sky Gems is your ultimate source for the finest designer, hand-cut cabochons. Eric Perkins, the man behind Red Sky Gems, has a lifetime history with gemstones. He is a graduate gemologist and wants to share his substantial knowledge through his work. He personally cuts cabochons so that they are unique, rare and one of a kind. Additionally, he also has available, cabochons from different sources like artisan gem cutters. Eric believes that working with individual gem cutters brings diversity. This also gives our customers flexibility to choose according to their varying needs. Red Sky Gems aspires to supply jewelry makers, hobbyists and collectors with the finest designer cabochons. Red Sky Gems displays a collection of the rarest and most unique cabochons made of fine Agate and Jasper. Agate, with its vibrant appearance and Jasper, with its opaque beauty, symbolize Red Sky Gems. Red Sky Gems is all about fine quality, good taste, beauty and even better, value. Our cabochons are unique and a rare find for everyone.