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Red Sky Gems cuts and supplies fine designer cabochons. Our cabochons are cut from unique rough chosen for beauty, rarity and quality. These qualities later reflect in your finished jewelry. Red Sky Gems also supplies unique fine designer cabochons direct from artisan gem cutters and other sources. This gives our customers a wide range of gem material to choose from and supports individual artists.

Red Sky Gems specializes in unusual and rare cabochons made of jasper and fine agate.

Jasper is a gemstone that is opaque in appearance and forms in a variety of colors. It is a fine grained variety of chalcedony and if associated with other minerals, it forms beautiful designs and patterns. Several of its patterns and designs are reminiscent of simple landscapes like mountains and valleys.

Agate is also a form of chalcedony. It has a compact micro-crystalline structure that forms very interesting patterns and layers. Agate can be found in a variety of bright vibrant colors or a mix of colors. These colors are due to the introduction of other minerals during the formation process. Agate is usually semi-translucent to opaque in appearance.

Jasper and Agate have a hardness of 6 ½ to 7 on the Moh’s hardness scale. This hardness lends itself to everyday wear and tear. Jasper and agate also take a bright mirror like polish and are valued for there reflective quality.

Due to their importance in ancient Greek, Hebrew, Assyrian and Latin civilizations, both were sought after gemstones and have artistic value. This importance is still carried on today in the modern jewelery industry.

Red Sky Gems cuts Jasper and Agate

in the form of cabochons. Cabochon’s are among the oldest forms of gem cutting styles. Cabochon’s are cut in a convex dome shape. This dome can vary in height. Cabochon’s can have a variety of outlines, from a classic oval to a free-form style. Rough gem material is chosen and cut into a series of slabs. A template is used as a guide to scribe a preform outline on the slab. The preform is then cut from the slab. The preform is then refined and shaped along the outline. Next the preform is attached to a dopping stick. This stick allows the cutter to hold and fashion the preform into a cabochon. The preform is then cut and polished on a series of silicone carbide or diamond impregnated wheels. The series of wheels have a progressively finer grit size. Cutting, shaping, and polishing through these grit sizes transforms the preform into a finely polished cabochon.The finished cabochon is then cleaned and checked for quality. The cabochon is now a finished gem and can be set in jewelry. All the cabochons at Red sky gems follow this unique process!